Homestead Owners

The Owners page is designed to provide you with current information about the happenings of The Association, as well as any local community information that affects our neighborhood. Communications will include summaries of the monthly Board of Director Meetings, which normally occur at 9am on the second Friday of each month. Homeowners are always welcome to these meetings, and you are welcome to add an agenda item (with notice at least two weeks in advance) for Board discussion.

As an owner in Homestead, you also have certain responsibilities that accompany your rights to use all of the facilities within our community.

First, ALL owners in Homestead are automatically members in the Homestead Owners Association, and are responsible for the monthly homeowner dues of $115.

Second, our Association is governed by a Board of Directors, elected each year at our Annual General Membership Meeting. This meeting is generally held in February (within 60 days of the year-end).

Third, we are governed by a set of Documents, which you received when you purchased in Homestead. They include The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of The Homestead, Homestead Owners Association By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation of The Homestead, P.U.D. Guidelines for Filing 1, or 2, or 3, and finally, The Architectural Standards and Construction Guidelines for The Homestead Ranch. (Click here for a list of Documents)

Fourth, To Build in Homestead, or to make changes to your residence, approval must be received by our Design Review Committee. This committee generally meets at the same time as the Board of Directors, and is comprised of community members with expertise in the design or building field who volunteer their time to serve our community. Tracy Erickson is our Design Review Coordinator, and can provide you with any additional information you need to complete your project. Please visit our DRC page for more info.

Fifth, Membership in the Homestead Court Club is probably the biggest benefit of Homestead, and is also a part of your Homestead Owners Association Membership. There are VERY DETAILED and Specific Guidelines for membership in The Club. These policies affect owners, tenants, babysitters, nannies, exchange students, parents, houseguests, and children. Please review the Membership Policies Page carefully.