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General Information Sheet including information on BOD members, HOA contacts, management, HOA insurance, and Homestead’s mission statement and the Insurance policy list.

Monthly Documents
The following documents change monthly and are posted after BOD approval.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (past 6 months)
DRC Meeting Minutes (past 6 months)
Monthly Newsletter
2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

Financial Documents
2024 Budget 
2024 Reserve Study is available by email request to [email protected]
Our CCIOA Section 38-33.3-209.4 compliant binder is available to review in the Association’s Office during regular business hours. All financial information is available upon email request to [email protected]

Rules, Regulations, Policies and Homeowner Forms
Homestead Owners Association Homeowner Membership Policy
Homestead Non-Resident Membership Policy
Homestead Owners Association BOD Conflict of Interest Policy
Homestead Owners Association General Policies
Membership Change Form (tenant change)
Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) Application Form and Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) Cancellation Form
Health History Questionnaire and Liability Waiver Form
Sellers Disclosure Form
Non Resident Membership Change Form
Non Resident Membership Cancellation Form



On June 3, 2022, Governor Polis signed HB22-1137. The new law will revise various sections of CCIOA and will require associations to update the following three policies:

1. Update your Collections policy to address the new notice, record-keeping, payment plan, and other requirements; Draft Collections Policy

2. Update your Enforcement policy to address the new procedures required for different types of violations, fine limitations, cure periods, and other requirements; Draft Enforcement Policy

3. Update your Conduct of Meetings policy to clarify that matters that may be held in executive session include disciplinary hearings and delinquency referrals. Draft Conduct of Meetings Policy

Common Covenant Issues & Best Practices
Parking on Homestead Streets
Homestead General Policies

Design Review Committee Policies and Forms
Architectural Standards and Guidelines
Eagle County Zoning
Planned Unit Development – Filing One
Planned Unit Development – Filing Two
Planned Unit Development – Filing Three
Planned Unit Development – Open Space
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Amendments to the Bylaws
Amendments to the Declarations
Articles of Incorporation
DRC Change Application
DRC New Construction/Remodel Application
DRC Neighbor Notification Form
DRC Best Practices and Commonly Asked Questions
Performance Bond Deposit Form
Performance Bond Return Checklist
DRC Approved Roofing Materials

Homestead Weed and Pest Information
Eagle County Contact: 970-328-3553
Eagle County Weed Warrior’s:
Plant Talk Colorado: 
Homestead Applied Fertilizer:

Water Use Information
Water Use Regulation Flyer from Eagle River Water & Sanitation District
2022 Water Rates from Eagle River Water and Sanitation District

Wildfire Prevention and Awareness Information
Representatives from the Vail Board of Realtors and Eagle River Fire Protection District were present at the September 9, 2016 Board Meeting to give a presentation on promoting community wildfire awareness. They presented information about two different programs that involve wildfire preparedness and prevention. The first is called RealFire, which is a voluntary wildfire mitigation program that offers in-depth property assessments conducted by experienced local fire professionals. The program helps homeowners identify actions they can take to measurably reduce wildfire hazards on their property. The second program is a Personalized Home Fire Risk Assessment offered by the Eagle River Fire Protection District. During a Home Fire Risk Assessment, members of ERFPD will visit your home, at a time convenient for you, and carry out an inspection of the inside and/or the outside of your home. These free visits focus on identification and awareness of the potential fire risks specific to your home, as well as what you can do to reduce or prevent the occurrence of a fire or other emergency situation. For more information please click the links below.
Letter from ERFPD Recommending Fire Mitigation Measures
RealFire Website
ERFPD Personalized Home Fire Risk Assessment Information
ERFPD Wildfire Home Ignition Zoning and Firewise Principles
Eagle River Fire Protection District Website
Homestead Fire Evacuation Plan
2019 Annual HOA Meeting Documents from ERFPD
ERFPD Presentation for 2019 Annual Meeting
Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction

Community Connect is a free, secure, and easy to use platform that allows you to share critical information about your household that will aid first responders and emergency response personnel when responding to your residence. By providing information about your household that you feel is important for us to know about at the time of an emergency, we can ensure you and everything you care about is protected to the best of our ability.

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