Colorado Spirit Crisis Counseling and Assistance

One of our community members is leading our local Colorado Spirit team and asked us to share some information regarding the crisis counseling and assistance program with our community. Please read below and share with anyone you think may benefit from this program.
Colorado Spirit is a crisis counseling and assistance program, which is a partnership between FEMA and Mind Springs Health, to bring disaster response and free counseling services to individuals affected by the pandemic.

This service is entirely free, anonymous, confidential and no sign-up or enrollment of any kind is required. Colorado Spirit includes a team of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals able to provide the following services:
•       Individual crisis counseling (psychological first-aid)
•       Group crisis counseling
•       Basic supportive or educational contact
•       Public education and materials distribution
•       Community networking and support
•       Assessment, referral and resource linkage

They are looking to connect with individuals who may be suffering financial loss as a result of closures and volume restrictions, isolation and loneliness during extended periods of quarantine, those who have had COVID and are struggling to return to a previous state of health and wellness or those who have suffered the loss of a friend or loved one. They are here to listen and provide support where they can.

English flyer with contacts

Spanish flyer with contacts