Edwards Area Development Proposal – The Hive

The Eagle County Community Development Department has received a land use application for the Mtn Hive project on Tract T of the Remonov Center Subdivision in Edwards (Parcel Number 2105-054-11-009). The parcel is located on the southeast side of Edwards Village Blvd just south of the Hwy 6 and Edwards Village Blvd roundabout. There are five (5) applications associated with this project. The applications include a consolidated Sketch/Preliminary Plan Planned Unit Development (PDSP-9067), Zone Change (ZC-9069), 1041 Permit (1041-9078), Amended Final Plat (AFP-9068), and an exception to the Eagle County Comprehensive Plan (ZC-9089). The proposal is a mixed-use Planned Unit Development, to include approximately 263 co-living micro-apartment residential development with accessory commercial uses.

Homestead HOA Comments submitted to Morgan Landers

The full application materials can be downloaded here:

https://www.eaglecounty.us/Planning/Documents/Applications/Mtn_Hive_Consolidated_Linked_1-13-2020/ – Download the PDF for a bookmarked and tabbed version for easier navigation of the document

Please see the following sections for information related to specific applications listed:

PDSP-9067: Sketch/Preliminary Plan PUD – All Sections

ZC-9069: Zone Change – All Sections

AFP-9068: Amended Final Plat – Section N

1041-9078: 1041 Permit – Section O

ZC-9089: Comprehensive Plan Exception – Section E  

As of the date of this email, the public comment period has opened and the 21 calendar day referral period is initiated. You are receiving this email as a Referral Agency to Eagle County on active land use applications or as an organization representing interested parties in the area. A full list of all organizations receiving this email is attached for your reference.

We encourage comments regarding the application that speak specifically to your organization’s mission, regulatory jurisdiction, or geographic area. Please send your comments on organization letterhead by end of day on February 12, 2020 to me at morgan.landers@eaglecounty.us.

Thank you for your participation in the process and please reach out with any questions you may have.



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