Edwards Area Development Proposals Updated on 12/28/20

We have recently received notification of multiple Edwards area development proposals. See links below for more information and upcoming meeting dates:


Mtn Hive:

At our September 2019 Board Meeting Remonov & Co. presented project concept and details surrounding their 263 studio-style unit co-living community being proposed to Eagle County and located on 4.27 acre Tract T in the Edwards core (adjacent to Edwards Corner and Edwards Commercial Park). Remonov & Co. discussed the planned use, operations, building specifications and traffic solutions and improvements in addition to taking questions.

The Eagle County Community Development Department has received a land use application for the Mtn Hive project on Tract T of the Remonov Center Subdivision in Edwards (Parcel Number 2105-054-11-009). The parcel is located on the southeast side of Edwards Village Blvd just south of the Hwy 6 and Edwards Village Blvd roundabout. There are five (5) applications associated with this project. The applications include a consolidated Sketch/Preliminary Plan Planned Unit Development (PDSP-9067), Zone Change (ZC-9069), 1041 Permit (1041-9078), Amended Final Plat (AFP-9068), and an exception to the Eagle County Comprehensive Plan (ZC-9089). The proposal is a mixed-use Planned Unit Development, to include approximately 263 co-living micro-apartment residential development with accessory commercial uses.

Homestead HOA Comments submitted to Morgan Landers

Update on 8/24/20 from Morgan Landers, Eagle County:

The Eagle County Community Development Department has received a revised application for the Mtn Hive PUD application (File Numbers PDSP-9067/ZC-9069/AFP-9068/1041-9078/ZC-9089). You are receiving this email as you and/or your organization provided comments and recommendations on the file during the first referral review period in January of this year or staff believes that review by your organization of this revised application is pertinent. Referral comments from the first review can be found HERE.

Eagle County is reviewing the revised application that includes changes and responses to your comments. We ask that you review the revised materials and provide any remaining comments, or confirmation that your comments have been addressed satisfactorily. A cover letter from the applicant addressing each comment is attached to this email.

CLICK HERE for the full application materials. Download the PDF for a bookmarked and tabbed version for easier navigation of the document.

Updated Document Received on 11/16/20 from Eagle County Re: Upcoming Land Use Hearing on 12/16/20

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Update on 12/28/2020:

Letter from the developer regarding offer of Tract J parcel

HOA response to the letter from the developer regarding the offer of Tract J land parcel

Edwards Riverpark:

Edwards River Park –  File# PDSP-9050/ZC-9029 & 1041-9030
Hearing 1: 7/15/20
Hearing 2: 8/05/20 
Hearing 3: 8/19/20

Land Use Hearing: 12/8/20
Land Use Hearing: 12/15/2020

Updated Document Received on 11/4/20 from Eagle County Re: Upcoming Land Use Hearing on 12/8/20

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Representatives from Edwards Riverpark presented plans at the May 2019 Homestead Board meeting. The development is located at the old B&B Gravel pit along Highway 6, just across from Lake Creek Road. The plan consists of 594 dwelling units and various commercial uses including a hotel. As part of their proposal, they will be constructing a roundabout at Highway 6 and Lake Creek Road.