Short Term Rental Survey Results

Short Term Rental Survey Results

Due to neighbor input, Homestead’s Board of Directors was reviewing legal advice regarding the modifying of Homestead’s Declarations to restrict Short Term Rentals in the community. The Board opened a survey to all owners between 6/1/22 – 8/1/22 to determine if there is widespread support of making a change to the declarations. The results were announced at the August 12, 2022 Board meeting.

STR Survey Results:

We have 820 Owner Properties. We need 66% – 541 votes in favor for Declaration change.

We had a total of 332 responses.

We had 198 Yes’s, 24% of total ownership and 59% of total responses. Of the yes’s we had 96 (48%) responses that live in Multi-Family units, that can change their own documents much easier.

We had 134 No’s, 16% of total ownership and 41% of total responses.

The Board voted to not move forward with the attempt to change the Declarations, and have tabled discussion on short term rentals until August 2023.