Shoveling and Snow Plowing

Eagle County has asked us to share some information regarding snowplowing and shoveling in Homestead.

From Eagle County Road & Bridge Department:

To ensure efficient snow removal operations and to protect the safety of the traveling public, residents and snowplowing contractors are reminded to abide by Eagle County’s snow removal guidelines:

  • Do not plow, blow or shovel snow or other debris from your driveway onto the roadway. Residents are advised to wait to shovel driveways until snowplows have finished.
  • Snow removal from your residential access is your responsibility and shall be stored on your property.
  • It is the responsibility of the property owner to inform anyone hired for snow removal of these guidelines.

Clearing the roads of snow to allow for the safe passage of residents, emergency response vehicles, school buses and other motorists is a critical function of the Eagle County Road & Bridge Department. Those who place snow or other objects in the county rights-of-way may be in violation of Colorado Revised Statutes 18-9-107, obstructing highway or other passageway, a class 3 misdemeanor. Those found in violation are subject to fines of up to $750 and/or up to six months jail time.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our roadways safe. Questions, concerns and suggestions may be directed to Road & Bridge at 970-328-3540

Flyer from CDOT with more snowplow information