Important Updates to Pickleball & Basketball Use Policies

We are excited to announce the opening of our pickleball and basketball court for the season, but have some very important updates to our policies we need to share first. We live in an active and vibrant community, with residents who enjoy all Homestead has to offer in the Club and outdoors. However some of our outdoor amenities are very close to homes. To help protect our community members who live near the pickleball and basketball court, we ask you to please be considerate and respectful of your neighbors who live nearby. We have created new use policies for this summer:


1. Homestead’s Pickleball and Basketball Court is for Homestead members only.
2. All players must make reservations and check in at the front desk of the Court Club prior to play. A use form is required for each reservation, similar to Paddle Tennis Use Form.
3. Reservations are available for a maximum time of 90 minutes per day.
4. Homestead requires use of our loaner equipment for pickleball, including racquets and balls. All pickleball equipment must be returned immediately after reservation time.
5. The court opens at 9:00am and closes at dusk.
6. Please be respectful of the neighbors. No music, partying or alcohol use is permitted.
7. No parking in the Homestead Meadows parking lot. Park at the club and use walkway after check in.
8. The court area is under video surveillance.
9. If you are found in violation of these policies you will lose the ability to reserve the courts.

We are seeking a behavioral change, and not looking to make things hard for our pickleball and basketball players. As you may or may not know this court has been discussed at multiple board meetings, specifically the noise and parking issues. We would love for it to remain open and a great amenity for our community to enjoy. The best way to ensure this is to follow our new policies and spread the word to your neighbors. If you have any questions or concerns about our new policies or on booking a reservation please contact Kim Baugh (970-926-1067) or email