Policy Updates



On June 3, 2022, Governor Polis signed HB22-1137. The new law will revise various sections of CCIOA and will require associations to update the following three policies:

1. Update your Collections policy to address the new notice, record-keeping, payment plan, and other requirements;

2. Update your Enforcement policy to address the new procedures required for different types of violations, fine limitations, cure periods, and other requirements;

3. Update your Conduct of Meetings policy to clarify that matters that may be held in executive session include disciplinary hearings and delinquency referrals.

Full verbiage of the new policies are below. These items will be discussed at the July 8, 2022 Board meeting. Please email terickson@homesteadcourtclub.com for Zoom meeting access.

Draft Collections Policy

Draft Enforcement Policy

Draft Conduct of Meetings Policy