Reach Your Peak Cycling Clinic Begins February 26

Make 2019 your best cycling year yet! Whether your goal is to improve your cycling endurance, make it up Vail Pass, ride a century, or simply stay with your cycling friends on local rides, this 8-week cycling training program will get you there. We will focus on improving your technique and pedal stroke, improving your functional threshold power (FTP), aerobic development, muscular endurance, anaerobic power, and mental strength skills. Workouts are based on cycling science and are proven to improve your FTP—guaranteed you WILL BE a stronger cyclist after this program! And if your goal is weight loss, this is the program for you.

Jennifer Sage is a leading educator in the fitness industry and has trained thousands of instructors around the world how to inspire their riders to greater fitness. She has taught studios how to successfully lead winter training programs just like this one. You don’t want to miss this class!

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UPDATE on 4/6/20:

To our friends and neighbors,
This is a trying time for so many and we have truly missed seeing you at the Club and around the neighborhood. Our hope is that you are staying well mentally and physically. We have just been notified of an update to the Eagle County Public Health Order. Please click on this link to read the entire order. The order has now been extended through April 30. Meaning the Club will remain closed until at least Friday, May 1. Other important points for us to share are that the new order requires all playgrounds to close, including basketball courts, dogs must be on leash at all times including all open spaces, sidewalks, dog parks, trails, etc. We know that missing the Club/working out/socializing/kids programming has been a challenge for many of you. Please like us on facebook to join our community in virtual fitness classes, Children's programming ideas and updates on what our staff has been up to. Help our community stay strong by calling/texting your neighbors, adhering to the social distancing requirements, but still helping out where you can. We have seen some wonderful and uplifting connections and care being given to those in need. Lets keep Homestead healthy and positive throughout this!