Proposed Seasonal Trail Closure Update ~ Letter from Eagle County Open Space Director Marcia Gilles

Eagle County Open Space, CPW and EVLT recently attended the September Homestead HOA monthly meeting, to discuss any miscommunication or misrepresentation specific to a winter wildlife area closure that may go in to effect. This news generated questions and concerns that I would like to address. 

Eagle County is in preliminary conversations with Colorado Parks and Wildlife regarding an area winter wildlife closure for winter habitat. 

The area of most concern for wildlife management objectives is the south end of the property beyond the mapped trail system. A carefully considered proposal including a map will be shared with Homestead residents. The intent is to balance recreation access and wildlife conservation values. Your patience is requested as a plan and a path forward is developed that takes community input into consideration. This approach recognizes our shared commitment and stewardship of the Eagle County Homestead L Open Space. 

As the new Director for Eagle County Open Space and Natural Resources, I have a 23-year career background in natural resources and recreation management. I strive to have a balanced approach to land management objectives while being a collaborative neighbor.  I will be working closely with the Homestead HOA to communicate the decisions, goals, and reasons behind management for the Homestead L Open Space property in the monthly newsletter. If you have questions or concerns about the management of the Homestead L Open Space contact me at, or the Open Space Manager, Peter Suneson at

For information, rules, and the latest updates about all Eagle County Open Space properties visit us online. 

Thank you for your continued support, stewardship, and attention to the Homestead L Open Space.

Marcia Gilles

Director Open Space and Natural Resources

Eagle County